2013-09-26 - Dune-Technology – Drawer System for Pick-up

Dune-Technology is happy to present its new development. Drawer System developed for Pick-up cars. This high quality custom made system we are able to deliver to every Pick-up as well as, SUV and Van, depending on individual customer needs.

Dune-Technology is able to deliver high quality custom made furniture for multiple applications, starting from building entire camping Van / 4x4 based on customer’s car, through special application units up to single furniture units made of water prove plywood, aluminum or steel.

This Drawer System was developed in cooperation with SchlossgarageLampert AG, Vaduz. SchlossgarageLampert AG is cooperating with Dune-Technology on development of various new products dedicated for professional and hobby applications which are increasing efficient use of your car.No matter whether you need it for weekend travel, round the world expedition or professional use, we are here to develop, produce and deliver for you optimal solution.

This particular Dune-Technology Drawer System was developed for Toyota Hilux.
It has two drawers covering with swing range entire length of cargo space and two side compartments. Drawers are prepared to carry up to 150kg each at the full swing range. Drawers are equipped with safe locking system to prevent from unexpected opening or closing when car is not leveled.

Please find link to our partner, SchlossgarageLampert AG: www.schlossgarage.li